Visiting the Windy City

Chicago Skyline and Railroad System at Night.

When it comes to fun vacations, Chicago has plenty to offer. If you want to go to a city known for architecture, art, music, and culture, Chicago is the place to go.

You will enjoy the rich culture that is part of its history and heritage. When you visit the City of Lakes, you will be thankful to know that many world-class museums provide free admission – so check out the official websites and book your vacation accordingly.

Millennium Park

A great way to experience this exciting city is to take a tour of Millennium Park. You can see some of the best architecture from the past and view a variety of art exhibits. The Illinois Central Railroad runs through the Park, and you can enjoy the fantastic view that it provides during your Chicago vacation.

Lakeside Resorts

Another great thing about the City of Lakes is its lakeside resorts. If you want to explore the great history of Chicago from the comfort of your own home, then Chicago has a lot to offer to do. You can stay at some of the city’s most luxurious hotels and remain in lakefront resorts.


If you enjoy the nightlife that Chicago nightclubs offer, you need not worry about the budget. Chicago nightclubs provide a variety of entertainment for people of all ages and income levels. You can enjoy some live music, some comedy shows, or even go for a romantic dinner with your beloved.

Summer Free Festivals

One of the first things to do when you visit Chicago is to check out the popular free festivals each summer. There is usually a fair and parade every Saturday in July and August. This is where you will find all the famous free concerts, street dance, and other great things to do while visiting Chicago.


It might be a good idea to try a fun night out at one of the many fine restaurants in Chicago. Why not sample various food and drinks to get an idea of what is available in the Windy City?


One of the next things to do when you visit the Windy City is to look into some of the many museums in the city. Various museums in the city will allow you to view some of the most popular items from history. You can visit the American History Museum to see how things were in America just a hundred years ago.


For those who love a great way to get around, Chicago is the place to go. Chicago has a very active transportation system, including buses, taxis, and a rail system. You can also use the train for a fun day in Chicago and shopping.

Chicago River

Another great way to experience Chicago is to visit the Chicago River. The Chicago River has many attractions for those who enjoy boating, river trips, fishing, swimming, kayaking, river rafting, and various other activities.

Whether you want to enjoy the peaceful experience of boating along the Chicago River, or you want to relax on the boat, you are sure to enjoy the experience.


Chicago vacation packages are very popular for those who have a limited budget. Chicago has a variety of options, and there is something available for everyone. Whether you are looking for a family vacation or a romantic getaway, you will find it all in Chicago. You should not miss out on this amazing city.