Visiting Washington DC in Spring

The National Mall surrounded by cherry blossoms in Washington DC

One of the most photographed locations in the US, Washington DC is visited by thousands of tourists every single year. It is home to some of the finest historical and architectural sites around and also hosts many other popular activities such as museums, galleries, monuments and public gardens.

If you have never been to the district, it is highly recommended that you do so at least once during your lifetime as it offers some of the best sights and sounds that come with urban living. There are literally hundreds of Washington DC attractions to visit but the following are some of my personal favorites:

Cherry Trees

One of the most photographed locations in Washington DC and the world, cherry trees can be seen all over the city. They are renowned for their shapely branches and for their amazing fragrance. It is recommended that you do not climb the tree and that you head towards the edge instead, however if you want to get a real feel for this unique landmark then spend an afternoon or so just watching it from a distance. You can’t go wrong with a picnic under a cherry tree either!

The National Mall

Another great place to visit in Washington DC is the National Mall, it is one of the most famous public buildings in the world and hosts one of the most popular annual events in the United States – the Mall tours. It is located in Washington DC and is surrounded by lots of interesting buildings and monuments. The most famous structure in the area is the mall itself but there are several other structures that should be seen as well. If you love visiting historical spots then the National Mall is probably the place for you to start with.

The National Botanical Garden

Another place that has cherry trees that can be enjoyed in Washington DC in Spring is the National Botanical Garden. This popular garden is home to hundreds of different types of plants and flowers and is very popular with both tourists and locals. It is a huge park consisting of over 800 individual plants. It is open to the public daily and has special events like Cherry Blossom week which allows people to come and enjoy the flowers along with other flowers in bloom. It is located near Washington DC on a busy street.

The American Museum of Natural History

Another popular attraction in Washington DC is the American Museum Of Natural History. The museum is dedicated to the practice of science and space exploration. Many celebrities and political figures visit the museum to see its renowned collection of artifacts and to see the planetarium which is the largest natural history museum in the world.

Wrapping it Up

The first and most important reason to visit Washington DC in the spring is that the city is beautiful. Even if you have never visited the city, you should make it a point to do so. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and there are a multitude of things that you can see and experience when visiting this lovely city.

In the spring, the temperature is warmer, the days are beautiful, and the monuments and other buildings take on a new light. This is the time to head to the city and soak up some sun. And of course, see the beautiful cherry trees!